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Saturday June 24, 2017
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Dancing as the World Divides

calm in stormI want to talk to you about the "new normal's. Quite a few of them are, unfortunately, not positive ones. I've written here about transition towns, time banks, and gift economies—some of many wonderful, hopeful efforts working to restore resilient, connected local communities.

So there are bright sides. But this article is about finding and holding a spiritual and emotional center in the midst of an increasingly contentious, crumbling, and off-track mainstream world.

What are "New Normal's"?

It's a world largely in denial about unrepaired physical infrastructures, fragile, wildly over-complex electronic networks, a destabilizing climate, money as free speech, and so on. This is big stuff.

Personal, family, or communal centering efforts might want to ground themselves in the impending consequences of these "new normal's." It's a gathering darkness. But it's also a tunnel with a powerful spiritual light all the way through it. 

The "New Normal"
Brought to You by...

radio with money floating aroundSample the daily news on what used to be "public" media. With federal funding cut back, these sources now constantly advertise both themselves and various institutional sponsors. They are less and less "public." A recent self-promotion pitch is this: "Be more interesting by listening a lot to us."

So, exempting all the often-excellent cultural and practical programming--what kind of news coverage is going to make me more interesting?

What Will I Talk About?

dining outWill I want to wax eloquent at cocktails about increasingly out of control fires, floods, and droughts? Should I point out rather glibly (like the newsies do themselves) that NOAA says there have been 6 statistical "thousand year floods" since 2010?

If I sit down to an upscale dinner, striving to "be more interesting," should I summarize the latest ravages and atrocities in the endless wars around failed states in the Middle East. Who's bombing who? Naturally I won't want to mention the video beheadings just now. Panic about the new terrorism might dim our appetites.

Much better, during our main courses, to express "human interest" sympathy for massive migrations of human refugees. Waiting for desert, I can segue into the latest on economic meltdowns in Greece and now Puerto Rico.

But Wait, There's More

Obviously, I've barely scratched the surface here. This little parody could continue with terrorist attacks, mass shootings, the concomitant rise of universal surveillance and police states, corporate owned politicians sticking the wheels of government in partisan gridlock, and so on. In its arguably best, least-biased form, the news is hardly material for pleasant conversation.

BreakingNewsWhat's really "of interest" here is that, taken together, what is being presented in these depressing and disconnected reports is a picture of systemic collapse. "Breaking news" has become news about things breaking.

But because it does not serve the wealth and power that controls the reporting to take a whole-systems view and connect the dots—it's not presented with that awareness, and most of the polarized arguments about solutions are bogus.

Tunnel-Vision Arguments
Are Pseudo Arguments

Should we, for example, ban guns or have everybody pack a pistol? Back and forth rage various too narrowly focused arguments. Self-defense versus proliferation of weapons. But would not any real solution also have to look at connections to the rise of ADHD, first person shooter video games, massive student loan debts, and parents and children all locked into their cell phone at dinner.

Is abortion really a matter of "right to life" versus "pro-choice"? Or might we not rather ask, from the child's point of view, "right to what kind of life." Do I want to be born to a teen-aged mother with no father and my bloodstream already habituated to hard drugs?

no consensusIt's like the ship is leaking badly, and the real captain and crew can't agree about anything except keeping you scared and sedated while they fight among themselves for access to the lifeboatsSo you live these days at risk. One "freak" storm, one lengthy power outage, one cyber-attack (all now available, thanks to profit and human shortsightedness, anytime, anywhere)—and you and yours can be out of job, cars, home, and even food. Yikes.

So Where Do We Find Safety?

So, is there a rapture? Are the faithful going to be lifted out of the suffering by aliens or angels? For decades now, survivalists have been looking for "safe spots" and building their armed compounds. Are there safe spots?

I mean, yes, it's nice to think that a bright new world is birthing amid the chaos, and maybe we should even pray that some things break down sooner, in the hopes that that will make us come to our public senses—but what if the category 5 hurricane targets my town?

Well, it might. I think the "safe spots" are not geographic at all, but rather points of spiritual connection. If you and/or your children incarnated now in this plane as lightworkers, you signed up for the roller coaster. You can do a tremendous amount of good at a great tipping point in the history of Earth.

waveYou can experience extraordinary personal evolution in your own soul as well. But this is the open ocean where the big winds blow—not some sheltered little lake. Feel the groundswells rising beneath you and get ready to surf some big waves.

It Doesn't Sound
Like a Party...

Well, then, how can I talk about "dancing" as these huge systems come unglued? Am I suggesting we all just throw up our hands and party till the apocalypse hits us? Not really. Let's pick up on a couple of phrases from the last paragraph.

The first is "feel the groundswells." The mainstream doesn't want you knowing about it, but the laboratory quality evidence that all humans have psychic skills is simply overwhelming. At the forefront of this is the Institute of Noetic Studies, and their chief scientist Dean Radin. Read his book, The Conscious Universe, if your intellect needs convincing.

Apart from training, some of the factors that heighten these skills are focused attention, intention, and emotional significance. Let's note also that the language of psychic phenomena in humans is feelings, symbols, and imagery—not words. 

Tuning IN, Not Out

Dogs-That-Know-UKBut forget humans for a second. Animals know when earthquakes, severe winters, or tsunamis are coming. How do they do that? Dogs know when their owners are coming home (check out Rupert Sheldrake's book by that name). Plants react electronically to damage in nearby plants. Random number generators all over the world behaved strangely around the time of 9/11. If we don't "feel the groundswells," it's because we have tuned out—not in.

This now brings us to safe spots as "points of spiritual connection." May I suggest that these are pretty much the same thing as points of psychic connection (formerly known perhaps as "prayer")? And further, if you are indeed a lightworker, that what needs to be kept "safe" goes beyond merely your life in this incarnation. It also encompasses the fulfillment of your unique purpose for being here now in the first place? Accept these suggestions, and the "safe spots" come down to staying tuned in—not out.

The bees and the trees of your own local Earth are buzzing these days with news of what's coming when and where, as well as your role in it. Your emotional-body-mind is nothing short of a browser on what ought to be called the "Inner-Net." The 17th century took the new marvel of mechanical clockworks and said, "wow, that must be how the universe works."

What if There's
Already an INNERNET

The marvel of our age is the Internet. But what if that's more like a crude, mechanical "Outer-Net"? What if what we need to be saying is, "wow, what ifInternet to innernet1 the conscioius cosmos already works like a universal network? What if I'm already signed in to it? Gee, have I logged on recently?"

Safety, the fulfillment of your destiny in this incarnation, can rest perhaps securely only on two things. 

  • One, staying as tuned IN as possible to the New Earth trying to be born.  That means cultivating listening skills, often outdoors, on your own inner channels

  • And two, being ready to let go of the physical structures that now seem to support you and move (change) at a moment's notice--accepting perhaps what seems like uncertainty and radical shifts. Is that a wild enough dance for you?

Finding the Right Path

Earth Newly BornSome of the paths forwards for this planet are heading towards darkness, and some are heading towards light. Hold on to compassion for the suffering darkness brings, but resonate resolutely with the light. Many souls have come here now to experience collapse. That's their karmic choice.

Mother Earth needs brave and hardy humans who will listen to her whispers and midwife the birth where, when, and how she says—especially in the midst of chaos.

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