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Saturday June 24, 2017
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Family Constellation Practice Builder

How to Grow a Fulfilling, Rewarding Healing BusinessCover Practice Builder Small
When Constellations Are an Important Offering

The Only Book That Addresses Marketing, Networking,
And Structuring a New Paradigm Healing Practice
From a Spiritual Perspective That Really Works 

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Cover Practice Builder Small

 If you are a family constellation facilitator, energy psychologist, or other form of empathic, or spiritually oriented therapist, coach, or healer—you've found typical teachings on marketing, networking, and growing your business difficult to follow.

Self-promotion, branding, social media, selling, etc., do not come that easily. You tend to be a quieter, self-effacing person oriented more towards helping others. Beyond that, the tools you employ likely bring relief for a wide range of conditions, so that looking for a narrow niche and target market almost defeats their purpose.

Michael Reddy solves these problems for you. Addressing exactly who you are, and the widely effective, energy-based tools you use (particularly family constellations)—he shows you how to turn your modesty, empathy, and widely effective tools into powerful drivers for rapid, fulfilling, and sustained growth. Authentic, selfless self-promotion is real and effective, and you are perfectly equipped to succeed with it.

A former cognitive scientist who gradually evolved into a shaman and energy healer, Reddy has a knack for teaching complicated, intuitive behaviors via simple guidelines. Engaging and succeeding with potential clients (aka, "sales"), for instance, Michael reduces to three little rules. "Don't sell, just look for the fit," "Don't explain—ask, listen, and learn first," and "Giving too much?—qualify the client" are a wonderfully effective recipe for drawing the right people into your practice. You become interesting by being interested, and scout the territory so as to later present just the right aspects of your work.

Further chapters like "The Power of In-Reach," "Growing into Outreach, "Your Brand, Your Way," "Understanding Websites," "The Well-Tuned Practice Model," "Social Media Schizophrenia," and "Long Term Focus" all end with carefully worked out exercises that make the material your own. This is a revolutionary, transformational workbook that will change your life and business.


Advance Praise for
The Family Constellation Practice Builder

Michael Reddy’s much-anticipated book, The Family Constellation Practice Builder, is a must-have resource for all facilitators of this powerful healing approach. Whether you are just launching your professional practice or have been growing it for several years, this clearly written, comprehensive. and engaging book will deliver handsomely on the promise of its title.

Constellations are an incredibly effective and efficient method for resolving serious personal issues. As much as I love them, they remain relatively obscure within the larger field of healing modalities. This book will do much to remedy that. Read it and put the wealth of ideas and tips it contains to use. It will likely become one of the most valuable books you own.

Dan Booth Cohen, PhD
President, Systemic Constellations Conference and Education
Author of: I Carry Your Heart in my Heart

Every therapist, healing arts practitioner, and constellation facilitator should read The Family Constellation Practice Builder. Though focused at times directly on constellations, it guides and supports how to begin and maintain almost any professional practice in the mental health field. Most in this area have no courses or practical understanding of how to develop an income from their services.  

Michael’s book offers valuable information, exercises, and genuinely experienced guidance that tells you how to actually grow a business in the mental health field. It combines entertaining language with a real depth of knowledge. Dr. Reddy has taken key concepts from many aspects of the business and health fields, and coordinated them—with wit and skill—into a manageable workbook for helpers and healers with no business background. Whether you are a beginning facilitator, or a more advanced practitioner, this book is filled with innovative tools you will use again and again.

—J. Edward Lynch, Ph.D.

Former Chairman, Marriage & Family Therapy Program
Southern Connecticut State University
Author of Princples & Practices of Structural Family Therapy
CoEditor, Messengers of Healing


There are so many reasons to buy and read The Family Constellation Practice Builder.  Michael has saved us all years of work by synthesizing an abundance practical, contemporary, open-hearted, and transformational information, then shareing a wealth of learning and experience in this gem of a readable, doable how-to guide.

If you love your work, value it's place in our evolving culture, and need only to build a platform for it to be welcomed by seekers near and far—you are holding the essential tool needed to bring it to world stage.

Sheila Saunders, MA, MS, RN, LMFT
Organizer—2nd US Conference on Systemic Constellations
Member of the Founding Assembly ISCA
(International Systemic Constellation Association)
Manager (former), John Bradshaw National Treatment Center


Few people in the North American Family Constellations community want to acknowledge the large number of practitioners who struggle to attract clients.  And practitioners who do try traditional marketing and business development approaches often find these are not a good fit. 

Following on Health, Happiness, and Family Constellations, Michael Reddy has done it again—creating in The Family Constellation Practice Builder a second unique resource for constellation facilitators.  Turn to it now to it for chapters that are easy to read and understand about effective business practices that actually do fit constellation work.

Paul Zelizer
Founder, Success for Spiritual Entrepreneurs


If you want to build a sustainable and rewarding professional practice as a family constellation facilitator, workshop leader, or solo entrepreneur in the healing arts field—buy The Family Constellation Practice Builder! Michael provides clear, practical guidance in a friendly conversational format for creating or building your business. The book includes tested and true, step-by-step learning activities that will guide you much faster to success.

Jane Peterson, Ph.D.
Director, Human Systems Institute


Michael Reddy's ground-breaking book, The Family Constellation Practice Builder, examines the problems of marketing the alternative healing process known as constellation work. It offers solutions for attracting clients to new-paradigm healing methods in today's changing environment. These step-by-step suggestions are a great blueprint. They will guide you in finding the soul of your business and making it grow and prosper.

Karen Carnabucci, MSS, LCSW, LISW-S, TEP
Author of Integrating Psychodrama and Systemic Constellation Work and
Healing Eating Disorders with Psychodrama and Other Action Methods


Yes you can choose to spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on marketing, networking, and business building trainings that don’t relate well to family constellation work. Or you can read The Family Constellation Practice Builder, do some of the exercises, and grow a successful practice with smiles, passion, and honest engagement.   Your choice!

Rosalba Stocco, MSW
Moderator, Ancestral Voices Radio Interview Show

In this age of accelerating personal and spiritual growth, understanding the principles of positive business growth with integrity and right action is paramount to true success.  Through over 27 years in a health care practice I’ve been exposed to myriad practice building concepts and consultants. 

None have ever expressed the levels of insight and integrity that Michael Reddy offers in The Family Constellation Practice Builder. This is a thorough, progressive, and conscientious explication of these principles, applied to the challenges of growing a practice as a Constellation Facilitator.  Thanks to Michael for having the courage to take on such a challenging and important task. 

Dr. Patrick McNally
Chiropractic Physician

Online Author/Information Product Developer





Hear Ed Lynch, Dan Booth Cohen, Karen Carnabucci,
Paul Zelizer, Sheila Saunders, and Rosalba Stocco
discuss the book & the state of constellation
practices in North America.  LISTEN TO THE RECORDING

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Ed, Dan, Fran, Paul--Speak of the Book

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