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Saturday June 24, 2017
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WholeSelf Wellness Coaching

heartshadowWholeSelf Wellness Coaching is a valuable partnership that can change your life and health dramatically for the better.  Are you struggling with a condition that robs too much joy from your life?  With tests and treatments that cost time and money, have side effects, and don't seem to resolve things? 

Or are you perhaps facing a clear cut, deeply life altering affliction whose outcome is not in question.  Either way, though it may suprise you, a most important step is for you to move your life forward around and through the "dis-ease." 

Maintaining, rekindling, or evolving that which interests and excites you increases the effectiveness of all other treatments.  Your body always rallies best in support of some form of passionately pursued living. 

A major passion in my life is helping you restore lost meaning, feel your way accurately through the various professional opinions and options, and come to a place of both peace and greater fulfillment.  When we do this well together, your symptoms either go away, lessen, or become not so relevant.  This is called "side-lining" the condition.  All of us will pass on sooner or later.  Even that inevitable part of life can be an experience of joy and transcendance.

As your WholeSelf Wellness coach, I help bring together and clarify the picture of who you are, what you care about, how you are doing with food, fun, physical activity, relationships, finances, and meaning in life.  We may also look for hidden loyalties to ancestors.  This allows us to  view diseases, chronic issues, and various treatment alternatives in the light of your personal and trans-personal wholeness. 

Together, we are then able to choose (and support you in carrying out) balanced, effective courses of action that resolve your problems. 

In our coaching relationship, you will find that I

Have only one agenda--to see you thrive in life, emotional and physical health, and career
Always listen, validate, and support your reality, your experience
Believe strongly in you—that the best answers will come from within
Help clarify what you really want using professional techniques
Brainstorm with you to design solutions, and think outside of your box
Use professional planning skills to lay out balanced, achievable goals
Hold you accountable to take the steps you say you will
Help you bypass blocks with professional tools if they stand in the way

In today's increasingly complex world, coaching is growing at a great rate.  I'd even go so far as to say it's going to become the "no brainer" of the current decade.  In addition, I have 4 decades of experience with mainstream and alternative approaches to living a healthy, fulfilling life.  (see Qualifications as a Wellness Coach)  Till year's end, I'll be doing complimentary initial sessions.  Take advantage of that while it lasts.

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